Software X-ray For a New Era

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What is and Why Do We Need Clearblue?

If X-ray is vital for human health, it is regrettable that we do not have an equivalent technology for the health of software, leading to high-impact quality and security incidents. To address this problem, we have developed the tool Clearblue, to automatically reason what ultra large-scale software is really doing.

Clearblue Architecture

Clearblue Architecture

Clearblue Key Components

Plankton Logo

A binary lifter that could be used to lift arbitrary binaries to LLVM IR.

Jellyfish Logo

A VM program transformer that could be used to transform other VM programs to LLVM IR.

Swordfish Logo

A tool that performs parallel pointer analysis to accelerate Clearblue analysis.

Coral Logo

A tool for function call graph analysis.

Sponge Logo

A tool for software behavior data persistence, on-demand loading, and swap storage.

Sailfish Logo

A parallel vulnerability checker for PSA.